Macksteel offers a wealth of custom fabrication services to meet the demands of all our customers. Whether you hand us the plans, or one of our programmers work with you directly, you can be rest assured that we stand behind everything we do. We’re in business for you and because of you. Contact us to start your fabrication project today!

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Laser CuttingLaser CuttingLaser

Our laser cutting capabilities include high-speed, high accuracy processing of the following materials:
– Steel up to 1″ thickness
– Aluminum up to 1″ thickness
– Stainless up to 1″ thickness
– Standard laser cutting tolerances are +/- .005″

5KW FIBER LASER – Contact us now to cut your parts on this extremely fast laser, capable of processing materials up to 5x FASTER than conventional Co2 machines. Faster Speeds = Lower Costs for you.

Rebar FabricationRebar FabricationDSC_0681-1

Complete in house rebar fabrication equipment including an automatic rebar shear line, CNC benders and ring rollers.

CNC Oxy-Fuel Flame CutCNC Oxy-Fuel Flame Cut

Up to 6″ thick steel plate Standard flame cutting tolerances are -0 / +1/8″

CNC Plasma CuttingCNC PLASMA CuttingPlasma Cutting

Our plasma cutting capabilities include the following:
– Steel up to 3″ thickness
– Aluminum up to 1-½” thickness
– Stainless up to 2″ thickness
*Note: Standard plasma cutting tolerances are -0 / +1/16″

FormingFormingForming Step 4

Utilizing our 4 precision press brakes, with capacities up to 230 tons, we are able to form the following materials:
-Steel up to 12′ at 3/8″ thick
-Aluminum up to 12′ at 1/2″ thick
-Stainless up to 10′ at 3/8″ thick
*Note: Forming tolerances may vary based on material and job type

3D Wire Bending3D Wire Bending3D Wire Bending

Macksteel is now offering 3D wire bending!  Create complex shapes easily and accurately.
Capacity up to ½” diameter wire. We currently stocking all sizes of wire for short lead-times.


We can shear to size all types of materials including the following:
– Steel up to 1/2″ thick
– Aluminum up to 1/2″ thick
– Stainless up to 3/8″ thick
– Copper up to 1/2″ thick
– Brass up to 1/2″ thick
*Note: Standard shearing tolerances are +/- 1/16″. Our shears can handle a maximum of 12′ material

Band Sawing

Utilizing our 8 saws, with semi-auto and full-auto capabilities, we are able to offer cut to length service on all our our structural items including the following:
– Rounds up to 18″ dia
– Squares up to 18″ dia
– Bundles up to 18″ x 25″
– Miter cuts up to 60°
*Note: Standard band sawing tolerances are +/- 1/16″

Pipe Threading

We can thread pipe from 1/8″ to 4″ and bolts from 1/8″ to 2-3/8″ both coarse and fine.


We can punch steel and aluminum up to 1″ thick depending on the size of the hole to punch.
*Note: Standard punching tolerances are +/- 1/32″

General Fabrication

Our Fabrication department is proud to offer the following services:
– Welding, sawing, punching, forming, shearing, grinding, deburring, pipe and tube bending, drilling, and notching.

Complete Product Design and Manufacturing

We can aid in the design and manufacture of any product.

From the creation of basic computer aided drawings (CAD), to the final packaged assembly, we can help you make your fabrication ideas become a reality, on time and within budget.

Even if we can not provide all of the needed fabrication services in-house, we work closely with a list of certified local service providers to get the job done.

In order to facilitate processing of orders in an on-time manner, Macksteel has formally adopted what we call the 2/4/8 rule:

All orders will now be processed following the below time guidelines:

Walk-in customers wishing to wait, placing a simple 1 or 2 piece order, which can be completed in 15 minutes or less, will have their order pulled while they wait.

Walk-in or call-in orders, with NO cutting, will be pulled within 2 hours.

Walk-in or call-in orders, with less than $50 of cutting charges, will be completed within 4 hours.

Walk-in or call-in orders, with greater than $50 of cutting charges, will be completed within 8 hours. Large orders will require additional processing time.

Walk-in or call-in orders, with any fabrication work, will be estimated at time of order.