Shot Blasting Services

Macksteel is proud to offer pass-through shot blasting AND tumble blasting at our Watertown, SD facility.

Pass Through shot blasting is an effective method to remove dirt, rust, mill scale, laser oxide, and more from the surface of parts.  As the work piece passes through the shot chamber, steel shot is flung at high speeds, cleaning large areas of the surface at a time.  4 separate 25 horsepower shot wheels distribute shot from all 4 corners, allowing the work piece to be cleaned in a single pass. Pass through shot blasting is the only automated method for long parts, and Macksteel can process parts over 60′ long.

Tumblast shot blasting is also offered at Macksteel. While similar to pass through shot blasting, the tumblast method can only do smaller parts, typically shorter than 36”. The parts must be able to “roll” inside a chamber. As the parts are rolled, a single shot wheel flings shot at the work pieces. Up to 1,000lbs of parts can be cleaned in under 3 minutes. The Tumblast also has the often desirable effect of softening the edges as the parts hit each other.

Automated shot blasting is superior to manual blasting in many ways. Call Macksteel today to discuss how our shot blasting equipment can save you time and money.