Shelters, Pens, and Portable Buildings

Macksteel offers server different portable buildings to supplement your permanent storage on your farm. Our portable buildings are made of strong 2″ x 2″ square tubing and either 22 gauge galvanized SuperSteel or 14 gauge steel sheet. Any of our portable buildings will provide a quick return on investment and provide years of wear and tear protecting your herd. Technical sheets for these, and all our products, are available in the Document Vault.


24' Calf ShelterMacksteel Calf Shelter 24′ –
Macksteel’s 24′ all steel calf shelter will provide the protection your calfs need. The upper frame is made from 2″ x 2″ x 11 gauge steel square tube and is covered in galvanized SuperSteel 22 gauge decking. The base frame uses 3-1/2″ OD pipe. Polycarbonate skylights located at the peak of each endwall allow light to enter, encouraging your calves to move deeper into the shelter. With the skylights located on the endwalls, snow build up on the roof will not prevent light from entering. Also, hail is unable to cause holes which helps prevent unwanted moisture from getting in.
Calf Shelter - Bale Feeder ComboMacksteel Feed-n-Shelter Combo –
The feed and shelter bunk is a one of a kind. It’s unique design draws cows, calves follow, and find the bedding and protection from wind, rain, and snow. 1 calf saved = 100% payback. Due to the height of the feed, you can be sure no calves will be hurt when loading or unloading hay. Cows are able to reach all areas of the hay feeder floor for complete feed usage whether that’s bales, ground hay, or silage. Heavy duty construction consisting of 2″ x 2″ x 11 steel square tube and 14 gauge steel sheet. *Patent Pending
Calving Building 12 x 40 w/ Running GearPortable Calving Building 12′ x 40′ w/ Running Gear –
Three pen portable building includes headgate and running gear.
Calving Building 12x40Portable Calving Building 12′ x 40′ –
Three pen portable building includes headgate.
Portable Building with Calf Guard 12 x 40Portable Building 12′ x 40′ w/ Calf Guard Portable Building 12′ x 40′ w/ 4 PensPortable Building 12′ x 40′ w/ 4 Pens –