Rebar Fabrication

Macksteel, a CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute) member, is proud to offer a full line of rebar fabrication from bending, rolling, shearing, and more. Our state of the art Schnell rebar processing machines will make short work of even your largest rebar fabrication orders. Our rebar Schnell Rebar Fabrication Machinefabrication system can handle coiled rebar sizes #3 through #5 and #3 through #7 straight rebar. When we create your parts from our mill produced coiled rebar, any scrap is virtually eliminated, saving you valuable time and money. Our most recent project included the new  Watertown Rec Center where we fabricated and shipped over 85 tons of fabricated rebar, meeting every deadline assigned.

Automated Rebar ShearIn addition to our Schnell automated rebar fabrication machine, we also have 2 manual rebar benders and an automated rebar shear that can handle up to #18 (2-1/4″) rebar.

In addition to all the rebar fabrication services we offer, we also stock a full line of rebar accessories to make your next project a breeze. From rebar chairs, wall ties, nail stakes, hand tie tools, rebar ties, and even tie wire for rebar tying guns, you can count on Macksteel for everything start to finish.

Rebar ChairRoll of Rebar TiesTieWire TW897A TW897

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