Forming / Press Brake / Shearing

Cincinnati Proform Press Brake / FormingA press brake, also known as a brake press, is a machine tool for bending sheet and plate material,
most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die.

Each of our press brakes feature a computer controlled back gauge for accurate forming of your parts. Furthermore the backgauge can be programmed to move between bends to repeatedly make complex parts. Our press brakes include multi-axis computer-controlled back gauges.

Fun Fact: Until the 1950s, mechanical brakes dominated the world market. The advent of better hydraulics and computer controls have led to hydraulic machines becoming the most popular for forming.

Forming –

Macksteel offers forming / press brake services second to none. With our above industry standard sized press brake and shears, we are able to handle material up to 12′ wide!

Utilizing our precision press brakes, with capacities to 230 tons, we are able to form the following materials quickly and accurately to your specs:
– Steel up to 12′ at 3/8″ thick
– Aluminum up to 12′ at 1/2″ thick
– Stainless Steel up to 10′ at 3/8″ thick
*Note: Forming tolerances may vary based on material and job specs.

Shearing –

Complimenting our forming services, we offer shearing as well. Our shears can handle above industry standard sheets and plates, up to 12′, with ease! Using our hydraulic ram shears we are able to cut to size the following materials:
– Steel up to 1/2″ thick
– Aluminum up to 1/2″ thick
– Stainless Steel up to 3/8″ thick
– Copper up to 1/2″ thick
– Brass up to 1/2″ thick
* Note: Standard shearing tolerances are +/- 1/16″.