2D / 3D Wire Bending

Macksteel’s 3D wire bending machine from AIM, makes virtually any kind of simple or complex parts from round or flat wire. Using the latest software, a variety of different shapes can easily be designed. We can produce parts from your DXF, DWG, or PDF files, or you can work with one of our experts to design a part from scratch. Our 3D wire bending animated simulation can show you your part being formed before any production begins, allowing changes to be made prior to machine operation.

3D Wire Bending Made EasyAIM 3D Wire Bending Machine

Our 3D wire bending machine is equipped with the latest Turret Head indexing tool head technologies. Turret Head machines feature not just one, but TWO programmable bending pins. The hard bending pin is used for short bend-to-bend requirements and producing parts with extremely complex bends. The roller bearing bending pin is used for radius generation in making rings, spirals, or large radius bends. The slide action hydraulic cutter provides burr-free square cuts, and is capable of a “zero length” cut-off.

We welcome you to stop in any time, take a look around, and discuss how Macksteel can help you find ways to reduce your costs.